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(feat. Mallrat)

Just leave it tonight
You’ll wake up and know
Precautious child
Out here on your own
My light
Out here on your own, own, own, own (yeah yeah)
Own, own, own, own, own

[Allday (Mallrat):]
It was like around ’99 with white wine in here
Dancing silhouettes, blue skylines
Neighbours had that Tuesday/Thursday night choir
I go to bed early, my bedroom was right by it
Singing “(Gloria) in excelsis Deo”, sure enough
Angels came to comfort us
And we rode on, waste the world of it
Our parents used to fight, Dad moved out of home
And he just moved five houses down the road
Said he don’t know how to cope through a cloud of smoke
But he was just depressed and scared, no one know
My eyes glazed over, saw my cousin
And they played me Dr. Dre in the car, things changed forever
Me and rapping through it all
But we stay together since buffet Pizza Hut b-day dinners
When they had more locations
Mum had to work, Grandma basically raised us
They said then we didn’t know what pain was
Dec would die on GoldenEye and cry for ages
We was angry, had the codeine packs
My brother shouldn’t be seeing that
These things we swore we’d never reenact
Then you grow up and start feeling sad

Through the walls, through the walls of heaven
Through the walls, through the walls of heaven

When my grandpa died, it was a weird feeling
Didn’t give a f**k after all these years drinking
So tell me why these tears dripping?
Maybe we’re crying ’cause things should of been different
And death is scary
We’re all heading there and we don’t get it, really
And it sings like a sweet shot of variance
And they bury us or they spread the dust (f**k that)
I wanna talk about summertimes
1995, see the drunken nights on the skies of ultramarine
Strobe lights in a party I wasn’t invited to
We just sat outside, bloody-eyed
Hillary and Enzo were so in love that night
But everyone broke up from those younger times
And got someone else at least a couple times
Can’t look at me the same, I’m just some other guy
Well, that’s justified, seƱorita, I feel for you
Said I loved you the second week, it was clearly true
Guess we’re both sick, you said, “I feel it too”
Forever didn’t seem so far when you were twenty-two
Fights went right through the walls, tried to look happy
Walk outside, the neighbours wouldn’t even look at me
Two days after I turned my album in, I left her
That was one shot forever

Through the walls, through the walls of heaven
Through the walls, through the walls of heaven
And the sky was Ultramarine
Oh it’s different now, it’s different now
Seeing you now
Seeing you now
It’s different now
It’s different now
This time
It’s different now
It’s different now