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Yeah, you won’t get rich today
Because they way you woke up was like a perfect failure
You dreamt last night you were the king of the country
Whilst the sun was beneath you, burning up Australia

Someday you will be counting up your cars with glee
Hoping your life won’t end up bent around the belly of the tree
And when the good fairy grants you three wishes they will be
To have as many pound notes as there are fishes in the sea

But as your dream gets sucked away
You get fat and they’ll never let on
You’re not the cream of the court anymore
She took this king from his queen
Now this king is poor

It would be good if you could just quit arguing
It would be good if you could run away and hide
But you go with the wind, and go with the tide
Just like any time she murders your pride

You made one error when she called you a king
You looked in the mirror and the mirror said,
“you’re not the same as you were before”
The result is plain
Now this king is poor

Looking for you between the palace walls
And the tumbled-down halls
And the kitchen grime
Anywhere where there’s a disco wine
Anywhere where there’s nighttime swine
Anywhere where I can find your kind
And the plaster’s in lumps and the paper’s peeled
The chairs are in trunks, on the ceilings I can see the cracks
And the holes in the floor
And I am king of this hill of rats
That’s why this king is poor
No, I’m not the same as I was before
No one to blame for making this king poor

The king is poor