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(with C1)

Woah woah woah
I don’t even know
Thinking you can fly
Maybe even so
You ain’t fly like me
You ain’t high like me though
These nights in the city
Got me feeling out of my mind
These nights in the city
Got me feeling out of my mind

Cheap highs in the night getting rained on
Faded in the city that I came from
Girls told me fibs, I was too blind to hear them
Put apples in the bucket so we bob like Dylan
Remember, driving around an all white Nissan
Thinking ’bout the future using foresight vision
Listening to dad as the porch light lit him
Welcome to the world of the poor white children
Story of some middle class mall rats
Prank calling everybody in our contacts
Drinking too young, drinking too much
Right until we threw up
Then we grew up now we’re tryna’ prove stuff
‘Scuze us tryna’ get ahead like a moose tusk
I guess that I’ve been missing it lately
This here’s for the city the shaped me…

I was a kid in the city that’s sun soaked
Where some folk smoke a whole bag in one toke
Where marijuana is your partner, it’s marital
The city with more green than a salad bowl
In the city where the barrels roll
And my old girls looked like Bratz Dolls
And my new girl looks like true menace
Used to drive around faded being too reckless
Recall all the memories in one glimpse
Recall my first loves as a young prince
Got no arse I had girls with bum chins
That’s why I celebrate all the dumb things I’ve done since
Fun s**t, Ignorant dumb s**t
Why do we always gotta try to be smart s**t
Rekorderlig Cider jet lighter my blunts lit
And my girl’s hotter than inside of an armpit…

Same thing on my mind in my cup again
Make my house feel like Buckingham
Try to understand we don’t have a decent plan
So we keep weed in hand til’ we feel like Peter Pan
Corners we reach fast, underneath stars
Me deep in love in dad’s dark green Saab
Ticking all the days off the calendar
One hand driving through the hills like a rally car
Faded never fazed by the real world
And I’m looking real sick but I feel well
And I’m looking real young but I feel aged
Pill taste got me feeling like Bill Gates
Swear I bin there heaven is a real place
But sometimes the old city is a steal cage
With me and my pale faced compadres
Living out a skateboard soiree…