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It’s Ivan B
Hey what up Eric

Sleepin’ through the day
Wake up with champagne
Roll me a aye
I told my mother I would quit
What can I say, I’m still breathing
Falling in love every evening
So we, just gonna’ stay
Teenage dreamers
Born this way
I told my mother I’d grow up
What can I say, I’m still breathing
Falling in love every evening

I’d hardly go to sleep
But my dream is still picture clean
4 a.m, Monday morning, school bell bout’ to ring
They tell me to wake up man
You’re always in a dream
Go and get a job
Deliver some magazines, uh
So I sleep walk wherever I go
Yeah a pencil in my hand
And I’m humming some notes
I’ve been, writing these lyrics since 12 years old
17 now and I still got ways to go, yeah
So I’mma hold it down
I’m never gonna’ give it up
I’m workin’ every hour
So you know I’m gonna’ live it up
This for the teachers, and this for the fans
This for everybody who said the word “can’t”
I’m here to tell you to go and take a chance
Cause believe or not
Sometimes you really can
I’m just that one kid always a believer
Sit in class, I’m just a teenage dreamer


Man I can make it off rapping
It just takes a little work, I just need a nice beat
Start snapping, write a verse
Working every night til’ my vocal cords hurt
Flow so tight like my church fitted shirt, uh
I’m just working every moment til’ I take flight
New sights, bright lights, taking this to new heights
Wanna be a billionare, Bruno
You raised the bar high
Well I’m taking it to Pluto
So tell me how you doin’ man
Tell me how you feel
Are you stressin’ all the time
Maybe It’s time to chill
Sit back, relax, kick back, just laugh
Don’t think about tomorrow
It’ll be here too fast, uh
Yeah, let’s have a great time
Forget about past times
Let’s just vibe in the night
Smile for the night
Cause your dreams about to take flight

[Chorus x2]