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Never doin’ 9 to 5
So I’m never living like a puppet
Drowned in all my doubts
Now I’m sailing right above it
Use to hate it, now they love it
But no one saw it coming
I’ve been busing all these tables
Just to get my ma something for her birthday
The one who motivates me on my worst days
I wonder what she thinking when this song plays [x2]
Yeah, I’ve been fighting for relevance in the heart of who listens
Handing you my heart, with every cut and incision
Every decision I’ve made
I’m always fighting
I’m either going to do what I love
Or die trying
Lately feeling trapped in my head
I hear sirens
In the great world
No chance for a silver lining
But even if I make it, or miss it
This is for you to just listen
That I don’t wish upon the stars
I’m trying to live them or win them