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Steezed out
Steezed out


Steezed out fully, nice ass clothes, drownin in pussy
Yeah I’m felling gold like whoopy, when I’m gone just to party all night for me
It’s all day f**kery, like my breakfast’s are always buttery
I could be your friend and get in your face suddenly
But pay not attention to what I say drunkenly
That’s my forte, going till I’m forty
Party till my hairs gone and they call me baldy
Not like an idiot, but I’m sure I’m on the way
They all love me, I’m so cold you can’t contemplate
Had a spotty face, when I was off my face
Now I’m just wacked and my family forgot my face
I’m not tryin to win, I’m tryin to dominate
The way Jordan played in every single summer mate

Steezed out like a mother f**king god damn
Shut the f**k up, you cunt bag
f**k you
Steezed out like a mother f**king god damn
Shut the f**k up, you cunt bag
Butt Screw


I think I’m bloody good
Prove me wrong, I wish somebody would
Steezed so tight like a lycra suit
So I put down the blunt and the wine glass too
Now people blow smoke up in my ass do
Tell me I’m the best, but would I argue?
Cause, I haven’t even hit the charts yet
But I’m not upset, I’ll reach my target
Well now you know, I just blow my own trumpet
Watch the sunrise, sleep while the sunsets
They say I’m the king, sup next?
This is for my loyal subjects
Steezed so incredible, I eat my vegetables
This is my life I’d rather be wild then sensible
But you can’t deny I’m very cool
Very cool, very cool, get ready fool