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(with C1)

All the s**t that you been through
I don’t ever want to see you down
And I got to say me too
Cause I’ve been where you are right now
It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through
I don’t ever want to see you down
And I got to say me too
Cause I been where you are right now

I was a bright child, wide eyed
My mind was open
Highly motivated to succeed, quite devoted
But eventually I noticed every time I tried to focus
That my mind was kinda bogus so we sought a diagnosis
I had hypersensitivity, ADD, I’m fidgety
Basically they want to medicate me ’til it fixes me
Man, I don’t really think this is the thing for me
I know I’m kind of s**tty
But I’m just trying to live in peace
You wanna make me to a zombie cause you’re lazy
And it’s easier on you to say sorry, you’re crazy man
And if you don’t take this here, you’re gonna fail exams
Wait a year, your fate is that of a vagrant tramp
But this ain’t making sense, I gotta take a stand
They say I couldn’t live without it well I say I can
Cause I never took those poison pills
And I failed school bad but my choice was still

[Hook x2:]
Good, I feel good
Knock on wood
Cause I wanna feel this way tomorrow
Mono, mono, mono, mono

We making bread like Helga’s while the rest die helpless
So excuse me for pursuing dreams, guess I’m selfish
Rocking hand-me-down clothes but I’m the eldest
So how the hell does that work out, mum can you tell us
And I know I roll around with some red-eyed fellas
We all wanna be king like the dead guy in Memphis,
I could be living stable but I’d rather live it fast
Cause I grew up looking s**tty all the other kids would laugh,
Now I heard somebody say that I look upper-middle class
Well that’s my f**king aim, I’ll tell the gutter kiss my arse
And I don’t want to spit these bars but I don’t have s**t else
So when I’m rapping you can tell that it’s my actual self
And so I brag about a girl, whatever tactic helps
To make me feel little better about the hand I’m dealt
And damn, I’m so ashamed but at the same time
I know it’s all good, I’m having a great time
It’s all good

[Hook x2]


[Hook x4]