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I’ve been back here all this time, can you believe it?
I’ve been out since from the fall but you won’t budge at all
I’ve been left with a bad taste, now can you see it?
I’ve been asked again about it, we won’t even call

All this time
We couldn’t wait to get back
I’m scared
Glad you’re already mine

I got feelings, everybody’s, I can’t take it
If it’s more than what you had before I come around
As I said I’m gonna feel, not gonna fake it
I’m not done but I should need it more than half the time

Please explain, so I don’t even dream
One more time
‘Cause I know you’re going another way I needed
I don’t want to end, the light is on if you need it

I can’t take a lot, I want, I got, I need it
Is it time for you, I go right through and leave you there
Can the picture of a time still come between us
Explanations don’t seem right if you still got away

All this time, yeah, I wanted to find
Take me there ’cause the people always run around and need it
And excuse will be abused beyond all reason
It’s a shame to feel that there’s no way to see it all yourself

‘Cause the people always run when they see it
And it’s hard to bring people of the reason
And I can’t explain the other way, pain that held me down