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Today was the day I ran
On no request or no demand
Put on my shoes one by one
Said I should be back before the rising sun
My feet they move like tender beats
Swallowing the concrete feet
I ran upon a thin red line
With each step I changed my mind
As I ran, I couldn’t help but think
Of all the bad things chasing me
I begged myself, “Please don’t look back!”
But my pace was slowed as I neared the track
Spun around in one swift move
Thrown to the ground as the cold wind blew
There stood my fear like a wall
Threatening upon me to fall
Looked him in his big brown eye
He said, “My friend, let us compromise”
Take my heart, but don’t take my soul
Give me a chance to grow old
Pick myself up to my feet
And dust the dirt off both my knees
Spun around just one last time
Making sure what’s mine is mine
My heart is filled with things to say
As I ran to something, not away
Things don’t always go my way
But I sure am glad I ran today
Yeah, I sure am glad I ran today