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(feat. The Veronicas)

Lean your shoulder into me
It’s getting colder
Windows down you’ve got to breathe
Your hair is blowing
You say all my friends are drifting, you’re the one I’m thinking about
Losing again in the city
Going mad in an empty house
Dead streets
I fell in love with you too deep
I know you gotta extend yourself
Don’t wanna see you with nobody else

So where did this come from, darling?
Out of the blue
Did you only love me when you had nothing else to do?

And I would change my stripes
These dates you’re restless and you need some time
And I know you will be mine
These dates you’re restless and you need some time

Now you sit down in the shower spitting water
And you’ll stay there for an hour
It’s getting darker
There’s a party we’re late for
Way up on a windy road
With people we can’t relate to
Once we’re there we’ll want to go
What a mess
Fixing me is a process
I never said it would be low risk
Now I drink until I’m so sick

You say why you always staying home? You’re not Prince
I know I’m odd, but I’m original
I’m not prints
Figured out I can’t do this high
I’m not Wiz
Figured out the devil’s in the detail, formless

Am I boring? Sorry, I just gotta make it
We always had a different level of communication
When I got my first cheque said
What you doin’ later?
We went straight to the store
And bought a smoothie maker

Feeling like million bucks yeah
Only smoothies for a couple months yeah
Those are fake friends
They don’t really love ya
Liquid breakfast same thing for lunch
Ya acting different and