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Wheezy out of here!
Southside on the track, yeahhhh
Yeah, yeah this that s**t Wheezy, you had to put me back in my element, let’s go

Lookin’ ’round at all the f**kery and reset a nigga
Hit the button on the Lil .40, f**kin’ eject a nigga
Old hoes at my shows tryin’ to reach at a nigga
Old rappers that didn’t make it tryin’ to preach at a nigga
Look I don’t wanna hear it, diamonds all white like veneers
Your s**t lookin’ smeared like blue Off-White drip interiors
Brand new foreign I skrrt ‘member hoppin’ out the bird
Since I came up, people lookin’ at me weird
I’m just growin’ and expandin’ we ain’t conversin’ or somethin’
Never mixin’ up the business with the personal thing
Celebrating all my wins check the stats in the game
Foot on they neck till I croak no they hate when I came
The streets took me in and showed me parent love
I got high then caught a buzz, now it’s current love
Corporate thuggin’ sippin’ lean out a coffee mug
Made me snap and play the victim shouldn’t of brought it up
Let me take you back rewind, press play
Me and cuz had them jumps on expressway
Now my shows packed like an essay
Rainbow colors in the charm, TR3YWAY
Jail system bumpin’ my on the JPEG
When I open my eyes it’s pay day
I caught a Draco a Pre K
9th grade we the freshman
I get the dope from Enrique
And peel off like dead skin
You must be tryin’ to get shot again
I’m just sayin where you goin’ with it?
Another nigga hatin’ not again
Ambition I was born with it
Why did I buy this chain?
Can’t even read what it say
Got that invisible set now
I had to reset my face
Soon as I f**k up a lace
I’mma go get this s**t done over
Hol’ up, reset before we do that sign this non disclosure

There like 28 bars strong
When I say this s**t I mean goin’ back rewind
Go back all the way baby
When you first met me