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The critter, hipsters rhyme better

Nobody gonna tell me how to feel today
I’m feeling alright and I’m feeling alright and I’m feeling okay
And now I’m eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and thinking
Mmm, feels so, mmm, feels so, mmm, tastes so, mmm, tastes so good

Allday, and all night and forever more
All my girls’ arses are edible in denim shorts
Got old b***hes on menopause so you never pause
White boy Steezy, paler than a dead man’s corpse
I’m so self-assured, they tell me settle down
Just got to press record, I bring the metal out
The kennel, it’s impossible to lock me in
I’m never underground, I need a bit of oxygen

Are you with me in this R-rated movie
Getting catered to by a half-naked cutie
Sue me if you must, take all that I got
‘Cause you’re better off tryna squeeze water from a rock
‘Cause I’m poor as, I’m often working with holes in my socks
Rock and roll locks but it’s all in knots, what
I’ll be on the floor pouring shots
Playing 36 Chambers until your neighbours call the cops


Allday, and they play me on the radio already
Can you taste me fellatio
I’m rich and handsome like Richard Branson
But I’m only rich in talent so I stick to rapping
Had a piggy bank I had to stick my hand in
Smoke purple haze ’til they think I’m the Phantom
This is the anthem for summertime unwinding
If I look good, it’s all thanks to my mum’s ironing

Diamond in the rough, yeah I’m the one shining
Out here earning my stripes like I’m umpiring
Fan base grabber with the camp male manner
No [?] cracker like a damn frail nanna
Don’t forget the stamp on my fanmail package
Tryna to get my name on the Fantale wrapper
I create a buzz around here, lightyear
You can get a woody when you see me, see if I care

[Hook x2]