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What’s the point of dreaming if you’re thinking it won’t come true
What’s the point of falling for you, if you won’t fall too
Scared that my music is something none of you would vibe too
My twitter count is only at 3 hundred and 42
But I swear that I’m worth it, but I don’t think I deserve it
I put my heart in your hands, hoping that some of you heard it
This my story , my dream, struggling to find the real me, skipping class to record
‘Til my throat got weak
And now I’m here at my peak. now we’re telling but we’re patient
Cuz some nights I really hate this, and I feel like I’ll never make it
I been hated from the start, yeah I’m pursuing it all
Mending a broken heart, I took a hell of a fall, but time isn’t money
You can’t earn yesterday back, so I’m focus on the grind, letting you know where I’m at
Dumped all my chips on the table, yeah there’s no going back
I promise, ill pay every single one of you back
So is this my time? I really don’t know
This is something that I’ve wanted since 12 years old
Put my parents in a house until they grow old
Teachers telling me my dream is just way too old
But no matter what happens, this is for me to you here
I pour my soul into this mic, so it can leak in your ears
Dealt with every single doubt throughout my high school career
One day ill see my inspiration as one of my peers
Yeah, through my sickness and health
I never cared about the money, the fans, or the wealth
The love I always keep on getting, always giving me help
But will I make it past the stars, only time will tell

Don’t know what to do, and I don’t know who I’ll ever be
So I’ma just do it all myself
So I guess time will only tell
You don’t know what you mean to me, I’ll never know how much I mean to you
Always want you right here next to me
But I guess time will only

As you staring out the window, hating all of our lives
Reminisce of the days where I would call to say hi
It’s ironic how you call me saying we’re done goodbye
You said I only broke your heart, well you broke mine
So you can hate me, you can love me, but you tore us apart
All my friends told me no, while I said yes from the start
You said that I always have a special place deep in your heart
Well it’s only full of darkness I don’t know where you are
But you say how its meant to be maybe its how we let it be
I don’t think you really know how much you really meant to me
What’s the point of choices if we just believe in destiny
If you’re gonna break my heart might as well break the rest of me
So girl wipe your tears, the damage is done
The night is done and over and so is our fun
And I know it really hurts, but you had the gun
If love’s truly a battle I don’t think I’ve won
But no matter what happens, no I’ll never be far
You’ll always be part of me, but like that of a scar
Didn’t choose to split up, we just grew apart
But never thought life without you would ever be this hard
So I’m patching up the wounds can’t get you off my mind
You were my hell on earth, yeah we had a hell of a time
Which is why I always smiled when you cross my mind
I guess time will only tell if we have feelings inside
Through the highs and lows, into this life I go
Through the smile and the heartaches I won’t lose control
This is the moment that we fight for
For the day we grow old, to look back on our life
And say we did what we’re told
Not just pursuing happiness, we’ve been pursuing it all
Whether we fly and we make it or if we smile and we fall
Nothing will ever matter more than my team and you all
Because all of you were there when my back was against the wall
And now we’re coming up we’re hitting the scene
Now I may never know what life is
And all of this means but if I ever get to find out
Will you be there with me?
Only time will tell if we’re living the dream

Don’t know what to do and I don’t know who I’ll ever be
So I’ma do it all myself so I guess time will only tell
You don’t know what you mean to me
Ill never know how much I mean to you
Always want you right here next to me
But I guess time will only tell