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(feat. Asaf Avidan)

[Hook – Asaf Avidan:]
One day baby well be old
Oh baby well be old
And think about the stories
That we could of told [x2]

My book starts right here
I’m the protagonist it’s my year
They tell me that’s arrogant as if I care
I don’t even [?] when I get white hair
I don’t ever want to be in bed by nine
In a job that I hate but pretend I’m fine
When I wake up legs still smell like wine
Give every penny to the friends I find
I’m not trying to build an empire
Just to get by get high then die
My perfect life
Did I forget to mention I get pussy every night
And besides were living in an evil age
So listen up to what the Beatles say
Let it be, we’ll be more sane
I’ll see you later, avita zein


And I go off land
Till the hour-glass has no more sand
Talk about love
I am no poor man
On the global campaign in my old tour van
I’m going in a new direction
Its like goosebumps because I choose the ending
f**k the Joneses, no use comparing
Can’t buy a smile with the loot they’re spending
The [?]
Love the sun [?]
I don’t need money just the sun shining
A scoop of ice cream and I’ll start smiling
Two scoops piling and I’ll start rhyming
Ripped jeans and I’m sitting on the bus
Thinking bout things they are simple enough
Have a little fun
Make a little love
A few years past we’ll be wrinkled up


And the world is mine
The weathers f**king warm
And my girl is fine
I’m about to take this [?]
I’m higher than heaven
Having a hell of a time
Vaginas on the agenda I meant to
Go mental forever then end in a stretcher
I’m sent to this earth to go help a [?]
I dreamt of Coachella go eat in a [?]
Are you getting the picture
Yes I’m a hipster
Don’t care what you think
I’m impressed with your sister
I’ll never be rich
But my heads getting bigger
With a grin like a winner
A head full of liquor
And my friends are addicted to everything bad
Attempting to have a way to never be sad
But its tempting to be [?]