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And I spent my last money on molly
I’m tryna change my ways but they ain’t budging
I’m not getting no better
I’m not getting no better

I’m on a victory lap, of my city
The pretty girls kinged me, believe or not like Ripley
Demons I got within me, threesomes they got me busy
Its more from indecisiveness these days really I’m not that kinky
They wanna get to me, bouncers miss me with the frisks
Real Gs move in silence like a hippy in a pries
I got more enemies than I can think about or list
But I’m not buzzfeed, motherf**ker and I really never slip
And sleep rarely, boy I’ve smoked too much weed clearly
Because my ex girl keep nicely suggesting I need therapy
I think all my enemies must have a weak memory
Cause when next to me they neutral as the swede embassy

The Swede… I think I meant the Swiss Embassy
But that whole area of the world just seems so neutral

Driving in your dads jeep Cherokee on an illegal substance
I be swerving like kyrie Irving in Cleveland’s offence
Drink spirits and spirulina in even portions
And I never said I’m living right, I’m just being honest
Keep your daughters indoors on for a alldeez performance
But I been creepy before this s**t boy I don’t need an audience
I can spit alright but that’s the only thing I’ve conquered
I sometimes hate being alive but f**k the easy option
I’m in a holding pattern like jets when a freezing storm hits
Thinking morbid thoughts of coffins I could be more warm in
I be re-recording, til early in the morning
Til I’ve heard it too much is the only critique for it
I grew up with no money but had a fat cd wallet
Now I’m f**king rich girls making these deposits
I’m demonic I came up through a well out of hell’s core
I don’t really like myself but I sure hate everyone else more
I’m on a world tour like Al gore, high on planes like belfort
f**k my main girl with a condom so I can f**k these other girls raw
I know I’m self involved, self destructive and I’m self taught
I grew these old balls real heavy like a cell door


Everyone says I’m doing things they never thought
But when I was 15 I saw this story getting told
You know I had the same best friends since I was 12 years old
So if you f**k boys really want it they gone help me brawl
And if I’ve gotta hide a body they they gone help me dig
And most of these girls, t-ball they gone let me hit
Most of these rappers, be on some real f**king jealous s**t
But when they see me they in the club they ain’t gone mention it
Drinking Evians I need my 3rd eye open wider
My eyes are like tinted windows I’m the chauffeur driver
On the lonely nights I need my own Winona Ryder
Circa 1990 f**k her good and probably blow insider her
I’m that no doz eating dopey freak with no hope reading
Nietzsche just to f**k the scenester girls and thats only reason
I skated to my home loan meeting boy how much much u saved?
I said I spent my last money on molly just the other day