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Lets go
Find me in the motherf**king bathroom yacking in the bowl
She’s rubbing my back watching the tragedy unfold
Like better out than in, now let’s get you home
I’m the one her parents hate, still the best she’s ever known
There’s vomit on my shirt that’s how I deal with everything
And I’m saying something slurred yada yada f**k my enemies
I think I lost my phone, who the f**k is texting me?
It’s only my poor mother she just wonders where the hell I be
While my best friends call her like “Lucy chill
I know its 4am I swear we’re at the movies still”
Because we grew up quickly watching these stupid films
Now I’m living life just trying to make the movies real

Thinking I’m the man cause they say it
But dude you haven’t made it until you’ve make it
This is not a Tumblr, I’m just wasted
Hanging at a party feeling like I’m nearly famous
Like whoa
This is what it’s like to be nearly famous
And this is what it’s like to be nearly famous
And this is what it’s like to be nearly famous
And this is what it’s like to be nearly famous

Find me on the motherf**king floor with my eyes rolling back
My girl has given up, she couldn’t deal with all the crap
I do it cause it’s fun and I do it cause I can
But I’m older than I used to be and now it’s sorta sad
Cause people that I grew up with are buying bungalows
But people I grew up with are mostly dummies though
That is not for me I had to leave my mum at home
Now I’ve got these people smiling at me that I don’t f**king know
But love to my old friends, love to my new ones
Bye to the fake ones, stand by the true ones
My Nana says ‘Tom you were a boy that I knew once’
But so much has changed in the last few months


She says ill end up in a casket in a suit and tie
I tell my girl chill you know I’m too cute to die
My dads been saying ‘damn it, don’t be a silly fool’
I say only the good die young, Billie Joel
My youth is nearly gone, forgotten where I’m from
Making my way to the top but you know the writers log
Cause I believed the hype when they told me I was on
But I’m just nearly famous this is not the life I want
I’m ordering these shots like I haven’t had enough yet
Telling all these secrets to these people I just met
My girl is always crying I tell her don’t be upset
This what I do to try and get a little success