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God doesn’t love you
God doesn’t care
You lie on the slab with
Blood in your hair
And the voices of angels
Are flat and austere
Well, that’s what you get if you don’t book
Musicians and beer

You stand on the vanquished
Your feet on their chests
Posing like starlets
In bulletproof vests
Your wife doesn’t love you
She’s sick of the fear
Sick of living without
Musicians and beer

So lock up your daughters
s**t, you already did
At least Muddy Waters
Can’t f**k with your kids
I’m an avid blasphemer
With a passion for queer
Cos I can’t live without
Musicians and beer

My granddaddy’s bible
So brooding and black
Lies like a tombstone
On my own daddy’s back
And we lowered him down
Without a tear
So he died like a pauper
Without musicians and beer
So this is an order
Get yourself some
Musicians and beer