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Man I keep it 1000
Mine is higher than a mountain
Haters just wait for my album
Cause I feel that it might corral them
Now, I’m so bad that I wrote the damn book
My old hood loves me, shout to Blackwood
First the head shook and then the hands shook
In my presence, guess I am just that good
And they sook, “no fair, his hair’s long”
Looks like he’s on heroin, how’d he get on
I’m a phenom so use your melon
I wipe the floor with you ’til the smell’s gone
Smoking that fresh lawn
Keep your whole buzz and then yawn
All CP and your soul needs me
So I’m here, Mr Alldeezy, go

Ooh baby, I feel right
The music sounds better with you
Love might bring us back together

Man I keep it 1 trillion
Hotter than a f**king Brazilian
Watch the throne my bum’s sitting in
I’m not like you, I’m much different
I’m Prince Charles, maybe a little Manson
My appearance may be a little Hanson
Tryna be in a mansion, real accent
Work hard and your dreams will happen
I’m still lappin’ dudes in the rat race
Writing these raps in my bat cave
Now tell me how my goddamn sack tastes
I just want stacks like pancakes
Uh, what the hell should I tell them?
When do I relent, seldom
Tryna make good songs and sell them
Hipsters rhyme better, hmm you’re welcome


And I’m back for the third time
And a motor on in the turbine
A lot of people that I’ve heard rhyme
But really I prefer mine
I ride like this in a deep sleep
And you all talk gas like BP
And I bought your bogus CD
I’m just glad that I kept my receipt
See, 90s clothes are my favourite
But my flows are not that dated
And the hate from afar don’t say s**t
‘Bout to take it, I’m impatient
I’ll take the wind and take losses
Go spark a leaf or blaze forest
And all the eyes stay on us
Take off like my nickname’s Qantas


I feel so good
I feel right
The music sounds better with you