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I’m the moon and I’ll be [x4]

I think I might have saw a mermaid
And she’s so perfect in the worst way
I was skipping stones on the lake
My Mum told me not to be home late
I told her I was early for tomorrow
All I needed was a treasure map I could follow
And I would be there in the morning
As the fog lifted and the sun brought the warm in
I would catch the night when it fell
And only listen to the inside of a sea shell
There were icicles on the branches
And silence when then night is at it’s calmest
I would lie down among the grasses
With the juice seeping through my pyjamas
And I would take advice from the moon
And he always told em the same thing too, he said

I’m the moon and I’ll be
Always watching over you smiling
Just look up and gaze at me
Time never changes me
You’re on a raising bean [?]

I think I might have saw dark clouds
When it rains cup my chest, pour my heart out
I mad a raft that I floated to the ocean on
I dug a hole and I slept through a snow storm
Cause I remember when you were naked next to me
You eating an apple, me breathing heavily
You definitely had me open like Sesame
But we aren’t the same and we just can’t pretend to be
If I am spinning a globe on my finger
Tryna’ get warm to the bone before winter
But lately her wind doesn’t shake me
I’m still warm from the thrill of escaping
I took the road to far away, I ran away
But I couldn’t breathe so I had to come back to stay
And I will take advice from the moon
And I hope that he tells me the same thing too, he’ll say


I think I might have saw eternity
He told me that he didn’t have a girl for me
He sat me down and told me life is regret
I knew it in my heart but I was trying to deny it
I could fill up a cup from all the times that I wept
And fill up an arena with the lies that I made
I felt horrible, I felt like a lost soul
I sat in the dirt tryna’ turn into a fossil
Caught my reflection in the still water
Saw a stranger looking up at me in real horror
But I found solace in his pain
So I went and found the kingdom in the grey skies
Exhale my stresses into the evening
I was so relieved when I finally created ending
I went and took advice from the moon
And he told me the same thing he always does too, he said