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People talk, people talk down nonsense
Take no offence from their off hand comments
Most people are just working out their problems
But most of their lives do have a bit of substance
We can sit here and talk all constant
I can just chill and let you work out the cobwebs
You can tell me anything whenever you feel sad
See my lips are sealed, I’m like a steel trap
I can tell you lies like a little rat
And you would never even know where I’m really at
I could say I’m sorry, it wouldn’t be the case
Promise you better, but could you really see me change
I should love one of these girls I’m sure of it
But I ain’t not even after fall for it
So I just pick a fight and call it quits
I know it’s all in my mind yeah I’m on some s**t

I’m straight making paper, smoking forests
With naked babes that look like Pocahontas
And the girls say I’m so dishonest
I’m waiting for the right one, a total Goddess
I’m so reputable, I’m so ran out
I just play a number game like a head-count
See the level I’m on is so penthouse
Bring your friends out we can all get down
And paint the town red like it’s Man-U
I want you out of my head but the bad news is
You had root, I was straight up, bamboo
Told you the facts, you had to move
And your attitude shifted [?]
Wishing we could join our lids together, New Zealand
You could be the one that I’m meant to find
Can I get a minute of your precious time?

Met someone that makes the world more simple
Makes every single one of my pores tingle
Knowing the past, I sorta been cruel
Girls are hard to quit man, that’s why I call them Pringles
To me I got love in them, more love
Do I love them? maybe, yeah, sort of
I got a lot of lust and a robust injures
You must be something special to grasp my attention
I know I’m going to pay for my passing discretions
Charm is a weapon, juice pass like lemons
My dead relationships above in the heavens
Probably wonder why when you f**k with your best friends
Let’s be candid I’m insecure
When I’m in something good wonder why I’m in it for
I would be anything if I could
Just to have you light up my life, mirror ball