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I was Nemo
I was in the f**king deep blue
You see through the façade
The façade is see-through
I didn’t watch film but I saw the preview
I got the gist
I was texting
I was trying to reach you
You don’t want no problems with the ghouls and goblins
Don’t sign the documents
You know there’s other options
I’ll be poeticating when they’re long forgotten

Had to buy some oh my gosh when I got the dosh in
Diamante earrings that’s the ear infection drip
Most wanted at the mall
You know I’d steal to get that tick
Spinning lies to women I could make you dizzy from that s**t
I’ll do anything once just to experience that s**t

These rappers f**kin’ with your brain
Talkin’ things they hardly take
And I have no one to blame
But you’re dressed pretty nice to be muddying up my name

And my brother’s still smoking
His lungs are gonna be black
And the world is exploding
But I don’t worry bout that

When I’m flying over mountains
Flying over trees
When I’m flying over Brunswick
Checking on my Gs

I was Nemo
Brain was cloudy like a miso
You were pearly shining like a palomino
We didn’t have rich parents
Didn’t have a cheat code
I know how to scheme though
It was me and Peezo, Road to El Dorado now with my hermanos
Chinks in my armour but they never come close
The jack of hearts is gung ho and queen is cut throat
Just come to the art show
You won’t see the brushstrokes
f**k her in the shower against the glass
Takes me back like DeLorean escaping the past
Takes me back to Adelaide where the haze don’t block the stars
When the teachers said watch him cause he’s angry but he’s smart

I beg the orange sky
Would you send another rhyme?
For the young and traumatised
Southern comfort, bikie weed for the trouble on your mind