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Turn it back
Meet the future
Hi how are ya?
Its me the loser
From the school days
A greasy student
No body believe me now see me do this
Chubby boy all the teachers hated
They tried to drug me get me sedated
The girls all laugh make me feel degraded
Now they’re being nice I appreciate it
But I don’t feel bitter
Nearly made it
I just feel better, levitated
Things are changing
And my feet are raising
Look at the story that all deez created
Huh, I’m tired of being nearly can’t afford her
I’m feeling like a fish out of water
But oh my god this life is awesome
In a lucky country
All we fight its boredom
If you think your hood me
You got quite a problem
But don’t give me that bulls**t
Michael Jordan
I smell that porky pie and cook it
But arrive down size your portian
When marijuana[?]
Out all night till the light of morning

Put your mother f**king hands right up
If you think it feels like I does [x2]

Pop my chest out
Shrug my shoulders
I’m feeling stronger
Becoming older
Theres things I want but I can’t afford them
My moneys small but only loves importants
Thats the s**t that my mother taught me
Back when I was all young and poorly always
Skipping class, doing something naughty
Now it’s A OK all hunky durry
And I’m in a new town
I’m up performing
At another party , another story
And another fight and my eyes are closed
But I love this s**t its the life I choose
My girlfriends telling me, I’m like a ghost
Cause I’m never at home but when she trys to
She wants to leave but I tell her to stay
Paradise can’t be that far away

Put your mother f**king hands right up
If you think it feels like I does [x3]

Wake up trying to make a big impression
Never be boring be interesting
Its the good life baby I’m mr western
f**king the whole world with a big erection
So purse your lips kiss my behind yeah I said it
Hit the rewind purse your lips kiss my behind
The futures mine but in the mean time
Pull the chair up
Sit down and recline
Don’t miss a word
Get a every line
Things are hard
But I must prevail
So am i, I’m hard as nails
But life is epic
Like the rest is
Don’t cry and stress
Thats my suggestion
Like a gem
Life is precious
Clench your teeth and
Hide your [?]
Stretch my legs out
Climbing Everest
So I’ll find my way through the whitest desert
[?] Time for breakfast
But I’m not eating I’m trying to tell you my direction
When you find the legend in the making
Before it takes me all under
Forget my problems I’ll face them after

Can’t even rap on this I’m done