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Coz I don’t do nothing but win again
Jock killer man
Coz I don’t do nothing I’m innocent
Jock killer man

Feeling like hell froze over
Me, pussy no hoper
These kids of casino owners
Well lets play russian roulette
I’m taking all bets I’m f**king all necks
Yeah I like to f**k like f**king tourettes
I write so much theres nothing much left
I guess, I been here smoking all night
Uh dreaming of coconut isles
High at the local mall I
Really wanna know its alright
Stealing ice coffees and nerds
I make my economy work
My inside probably hurts
Op shop shirts theres not a thing worse
For a insecure kid just wanna be heard

Find me a star thats brighter
A little money for bud to light up
No hurry we’re just on dial up
This life’s no LAN party man
No damn money man no happily end
Punk girls look for anarchy and
I just wonder what I actually am
Just wonder what makes up him
What he makes up when he’s saying things
To girls in make up who train at gyms
You trim who trims this maze I’m in
I’ve felt these walls they’re paper thin
Trying to quit drinking f**k that s**t
I’ll go out again and up that s**t
Same old me just stuck as s**t
Forever, it’s coming quick

Coz I don’t do nothing but win again
Jock killer man
Coz I don’t do nothing I’m innocent
Jock killer man
I just want a feeling I’ve never known [x4]

Sunday morn’ all grouchy
So lonely spirit cloudy
These reasons still around me
I’m going hard as rock
Still freak at how far I’ve got
Still me the same chubby bod
Same ugly dog man f**k your squad
I’ll kill your team, kill your team
Full force I’m really mean
Full forward in the guillotine
Fall back I’m pillaging
Things believe I’m not the norm
See I’m the calm before the storm
f**ked with nat, got her torn
Internet kid seen a lotta porn
Internet kid seen so much
Trash no wonder we go nut,s
Don’t wanna know then don’t ask
Don’t wanna go quite so fast
Wave to you as I blow past
Haha look at my growth charts
Dr. Nick it’s sewn up
Show love or perish b***hes
Tryna kill my nemiseses
My shots they never misses
Your shots they never hit us
These geeks got made to killers
Jock killers I’m sick of this