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Little Snow White, she was sleeping 24 hours a day
She’s got a right to be lazy, flat out of reasons to breathe
And it’s cold baby, yes it’s cold
But everything is relative can’t you see we’re living in

High times, dig the new domain
Living through high times, just don’t crash my spiritual plane

Little Snow White, she was hungry
Told her, ‘Go out and graft for it’
At the end of the rainbow she was mind-blown
To be staring at a crock of s**t
And it’s hard baby, yes it’s hard
But with a little intuition you can shift position in the

High times, touch the magic stone
Living through high times, pick up that spiritual phone

Frittering packs of refuseniks, too drunk to muster any contempt
Ten ways to relax on a cruise ship, one way to cover the rent
I’ve whored myself around enough to know, baby
You don’t come with the customers and smile when you’re spoken to in

High times, catch the cosmic vibe
Living through high times, hey, has Ginger Baker died?
Living through high times, my planet’s all out of line
Living through high times, man, just like ’69