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So bold and fine
I’ve known you for some time
Whole life changed while
Bones like yours and mine

Go dance in the woods
And down we go, down, down
Oh, boy, you’re mine
Do you remember old times?

Seems just like yesterday
How we used to hang with the gang
Talk about everything that we wanted
Until you hit the fast lane
You were so open
Now closing
Do you even know where you’re going?
Lighting up every night
If you got it in sight
Now life’s just smoking blowing (gone)
You see?
You were everything that I wanted to be
The one who always got the best out of me
Now those are the parts that nobody sees
But you give me motivation
Elevated all my trust
Crazy how inspiration can just turn into disgust
Whatever it’s over, I’m out doing me
When you look in the mirror do you like what you see?
Drinking and smoking and talking
I’m hoping you’d soak in the words
That you said you would be
It’s like graduation made you second guess your goals
This life did beat you down
But it was you who dug the hole
This thing is getting old but we’re only getting older
Yet you say this world is cold
But my heart is growing colder
Cos nothing with you ever gives
And maybe that’s how it is
You and I do got history but history is all it is


See, I thought you were my ride or die
But now I only drive alone
Saying you’re done with relationships
So you claim that you’re on another boat
Like what selfish s**t is that?
Can’t say I wasn’t expecting that
Lied every time that we spent together
Should’ve felt the knife before it was in my back
Crazy you got a hangover from a night-in watching Netflix
Advils at breakfast
Looking like some fresh sloppy seconds
You see when you treat me like an option
Imma leave you like a choice
Put your voice mails in the trash
All I hear is garbage in that voice
Hate it or love it I’m out doing me
When you look in the mirror do you hate what you see?
Drinking and spilling your lunch, then passing out
At the back of a taxi seat
Always salivating liquor
Won’t you go and do some homework
Like you should get in more work
Always drunk and hardly sober
And if that’s the life that you wanna lead
That’s fine by me
But the day you crash and burn
That’ll be a sight I’ll see
And you can keep all my s**t
I ain’t taking it back
And I’m moving on forward
You won’t find where I’m at
I’ve been living my life
You’ve been living an act
And the curtains are calling
I’m done with that