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Yo this game about to drive my mind cuckoo
I’m not your rival I’m your f**king style guru
All from a couple s**t freestyles up on my YouTube
Shout to ballerinas, like it I buy two two
I wouldn’t lie to you, I put my hand to god above
I used to be mad he didn’t answer us, but then I got more popular
Real as f**k being honest here, I dreamed of this life on the bus
But last 6 months I needed drugs for every time I thought of her
I saw the white van coming for me, but it was just the courier
Dropping off awards I won by accident I’m like Forest Gump
A message to my enemies, thanks for being in my fairy tale
I lay with models like everyday, and treat my laurels like a bed of nails
I used to steal attire as a minor
From Rundle Mall Myer to look flyer
I’ve lived this life to the fullest, and my heart is still ticking
Then I’m going straight to hell I’m tryna chill with Little Nicky

[Chorus x2:]
Angel in my phone she just said hey
And I been tryna hit since the 10th grade
Told her I’m for now not everyday
Because I’ll be a problem ’til I’m in my coffin

There’s two things I never miss, sessions and women
That’s a lie, but lying feels just that much better than wishing
There’s two things that I don’t mix, friendship and ambition
I feel like Axl Rose in ’87, the present edition
I’ve got all the girls that heaven is missing, my guardian angels
Gotta start going to church coz my life so good, I gotta be thankful
I’m having trouble with falling in love, but f**king, I’ll always be able
I’m such a patriot, getting more head than a cross into cahill
I might be the worlds most surrounded loner
No wonder that my nose is powder coated
I know nothing is forever, now’s my moment
When you see me, [cough, cough, cough] now you choking
Yes I love running this city, I should run for city office
But I’m too busy running the city to run the city, now that’s a tricky problem
And I’m sleeping on their mixtape should have called it Egyptian cotton
I get beauty sleep on their catalogs thats why I’m so pretty looking

[Chorus x2]