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I don’t wanna leave home
But my house has fallen down
I don’t wanna be alone
But there’s no one else around
I don’t wanna make a noise
But the silence is killing me
(I don’t wanna move to another tune
But around us, is a ring of roses circling me)?

I still have choices

I don’t wanna swim
But my boat is capsizing
I don’t wanna keep running
But the ground, is a fire still burning
I don’t wanna lose
But I have nothing left to gamble
I don’t wanna beg
(But I don’t wanna fall down, cry again and again and again…)?

I still have choices
We still have choices

I don’t wanna walk away
But I really don’t know how to stay
I don’t wanna stay the same
But what goes on behind my close door, I say “I Don’t Know”
I don’t wanna look
But avoiding it’s even more perverted
I don’t wanna hate
But trusting you gathers all my rage

I still have choices
I still have choices

I don’t wanna carry your jealous void, but time can suffocate the vibration of your voice
I don’t wanna be told
But independence is hard to hold
I don’t wanna pretend
But don’t want to remember way back then
I don’t wanna die
(But I don’t want to live, not really a lie)?

I still have choices
I still have choices
I still have choices
I still have choices