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That smile on your face makes it easy to trust you

I heard they want war well I got that down
Gone worry that down
Would you do it for the camera
Hollywood a long way from Atlanta
Yeah I got a little tired of the haters
Packed up then I hit LA
Read about pretty little thang
Oh lord and she make me wanna stay
But a nigga gotta go now, now
Am I moving to fast?
Baby do I need to slow down, down
You ain’t never went to sleep
Work a lil, woke up in the back of a Escalade
Slindin’ through the city runnin’ escapades
Everything I’m doing is destiny
So I’m at it all day like desperation
Is he rapper or do he sing
Is he even human, I’m a angel you can see them wings
I live for a lunch on the strip, so casual
Nights in the lab so magical
I told her I would stay but I had to go
But believe I’m coming back right after though
“Scandal” all day in the “A” baby you can check the catalog
Invite her over for the foreplay girl gone head get the shower rod
She a pro on the low don’t know why she trying play like an amateur
Long Beach 4 week then its back to the East
I’m in Panama then Atlanta y’all (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Riding down Mel Rose in the night time
Cause girl we never know what we might find
Same nigga since day one yeah
Now we out in LA and you got a new playground (yeah)