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Hold up wait a minute all good just a week ago
Should have covered you in gold call your ass C3PO
But we are 2 crazy, nothing too swanky
Tetanus every breakfast, rusty spoon raised me
I came to steal the game, Polo for the povos
Broke like daddy’s condom, cockroach in the pot roast
Both my brothers higher than the lawn grow at the condo
And I can’t blame em, we all know bout some sorrow
(Yo) Though I never leave door closed
Trying not to worry bout a X like bordeaux
Shout to speaking French
I never spoke English when you wanted D&Ms
I’ll come back around like karma I suggest you think again
When you want to hurt my feelings, with your f**king evil friends
Woah, I’m sorry, I’m just scared of the future
I want to sit in the dark, lurking the computer, hold up

No matter what you say or what you do
When I’m alone I’d rather be with you
And f**k these other NINJAS I’ll be right by your side
Til 3005, hold Up

I used to care what people thought, but now I care less
I’m careless, car-less, carried away with being depressed
In fairness, life was never fair, and they said this
I need some black and white man all this grey was not expected
Begged for independence then you get it you regret it
You didn’t crave a necklace just someone to lay in bed with
Hear you pressures like you heard mine, told me that you’ll be fine
Told me that you’ll be f**king them boys in a weeks time – ouch
So I’m lying on the couch tryna’ rewind
Or fast forward, it was never for pussy besides
The b-line can come now that we’ve retired but we’d tried
I deny the things they say about you coz you’re divine
And oh, I think pulled a muscle in my heart
I wish I wasn’t charming ’til you let me feel you up
’Til you let me take you home, coz we assumed its supposed to be
Sucking soda streams, now I can’t sleep through broken dreams
Hold Up