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2-3-4, 6-7-8, Allday, uh-huh

Good times, bad times, oh my lord
Good times bad, the time it takes

20 already, now I’m counting the time
Now that I’m out of my team, still out of my mind
And I’m still down on my grind like Tony Abbott has done
So the only chronic I’m on is 2001
‘Cause I’m trying to make my mummy way more proud of her son
So I’m hustling my own self right out of this slump
No pills or powders, it all may be talcum
I’m ‘bout to make a million but first I’ll make a thousand

Put it in my bank and then I’ll hire a great accountant
Let it compound, then get a car to take you out in
Employ a maid and a gardener and a lawyer
And own a mansion with a fountain and a foyer
My parents told us that success is important
Want to swim in the money, never testing the waters
No rest for the wicked, no bread for the cautious
Let’s get to business, step into my office


I’m Allday, well that’s really just a name I made
To etch into the [?] when I fade away
Me I see you know you think I’m out, but
Day to day I’m taking every step, working up a sweat, Gatorade
Man everything I do it well when the ladies watch
Australian Jamie Foxx, just laughing the haters off
But I’m wondering if I’m about to pay the cost
For my efforts, is it worth it? In the end, maybe not

I’m spinning in my own whirlwind here, taking off
Where love goes, hate of course follows, yeah take your shot
I admit I’m metal so that I’mma call me Arthur
You know who to ask for if you really wanted drama
Now I’m in a freefall, I keep falling faster
People are piranhas, well some more than others, uh
Although we’re numbers but what it comes down to is one thing
Hit the tap running, yeah we drown you