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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

6ix-Oshit, Pt. 2 - 600Breezy

6ix-Oshit, Pt. 2 - 600Breezy

6ix-Oshit, Pt. 2 - 600Breezy Lyric

6ix-Oshit, Pt. 2 - 600Breezy Lyric brought to you by

Huh? Gang shit bitch, you already know how I'm rockin

Walk around waving sticks like a blind man
Bullets hot like frying pans bitch you always lying, damn
Iceman Iceman I just brought them pipes in
Don't tweak 'cause I'm lightskinned I'll take your fucking life fam
Smoking green, that's Peter Pan
Came off the block from serving sand
Shoot your back like Ricky damn
He live he like Lieutenant Dan
Pop up on your block like Spam Taurus on me, son of Sam
Two guns, Yosemite Sam I'm known to let that fucker blam
Goofy mob, we let pistols spark wet like Noah's Ark
Get you robbed
Diamonds dancing yellow like they on the cob
You a opp
Niggas dissing me but they ain't fucking hot
Rugers pop, send 600 niggas to come do the job
Sipping, drinking, smoking, then just threw six figures in the bank
Niggas hating cause they can't
Pistol busting, make them plank
"Breezo," they like "you the shit"
This thirty popping, toolie spit
Winning and you losing, bitch
This.40 got a ruler clip baby this that Six O shit
Rolling spliffs and talking shit known to let that chopper spit
Ain't no need for a doctor, bitch
Me and you the opposite hear you niggas talking shit
Rubber band, I'm popping shit
Cool on me, you lost it bitch
Had to say that shit again
Two pretty guns, they twenty twins
Lean or it's Henny Hen
Get back bitch I'm not your friend
Hell no I ain't your man
Leaning, I got bad habits
Bugs Bunny niggas mention me
I'mma start hunting rabbits
Touchdown like a college classic
Fuck that rap shit, make it tragic
Toolies busting, pistols clapping
Nigga, you ain't about that action
600 Cartel, my bloods, they say Bartel
Popping on a large scale
You hating niggas go to hell

Bitch! This that Six O shit, nigga

~ End of 6ix-Oshit, Pt. 2 - 600Breezy Lyric ~

6ix-Oshit, Pt. 2 - 600Breezy

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