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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

67 - 67

67 - 67

67 - 67 Lyric

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You get burst talking mans name
67 govern estates
See us outside posted with bae
Until we gotta run from the jakes (gotta scramble)
Now we doing shows all over
67 fuck up the stage (fuck it up)
And we’re outside looking like lakes
VVS sitting on weight
VVS sitting on a badman
The pengest of girls wanna grab man
(Lets lurk)
Come through wizzin with M
32 shots tryna find man
Made all of the pussies [?] run
Before they were screaming out “gang gang”

Gelato smoke this ain't lemon (cookie)
You know why they hate on 67?
Is it cause man came round smokey
Tryna smoke of a melon?
(How many)
Qway back flexin [?]
Take the wap in mans denim
Loud and texts on the wing
When I was a fellon
Money haffi mek right now
But this money ain't going heaven
All the skeng out on the opp block
Coolin, spitting like venom
20 plus when it comes to the dippings
Man will teach you a lesson
(How many)

Zombie walk in versace slippers (ay)
Or jordan ones
4 doors yeah I love those trucks (skkr)
Bring the 41
I make racks I’m a business man (racks racks)
I could teach you son, dont fuck with my 60
Dem thats dingers out and some gorgious guns
Feds on my case come like this hoe on my case
Like give a young nigha some space
Pigs wanna lurk my estate
But im on my way to a show
Shout out james, straight gelato to the face
VIP flex on my J’s and spazz on stage
(Flex gang, flex gang)

To the world and bloodclat back
Man step correct with this wap
SAD in them opp boys flats
They must think a man does rap
We put waps on the shows and back (always)
Gotta reload now a mans back
Man bag that and blow out a peng tings back
Money just coming in fasta
We stay plugged in like a charger (come on)
No girl couldn't run no banter
Probably blessed her ting like a pastor
Man blew up the place thats normal (pow)
You probably heard that from dem man
Hashtag skengman
(Fuck the opps!)

~ End of 67 - 67 Lyric ~

67 - 67

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